Tower Products

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Discovery Wash 1171 UV
Low VOC UV Press Wash

SmartFlex Washout Solution NF
Photopolymer Developing Solution

Fast Dry Exempt Wash
Non-Acetone Fast Drying Low VOC Wash

SmartFlex Anilox Roller Cleaning Gel
Premium, Anilox Roller Cleaner

SmartFlex Flexo-Wash PLUS
Advanced, Water-Based Flexographic Ink Cleaner

Tower 228-R Solvent
Flexographic Ink Solvent & Cleaner

SmartFlex UV Flexo Cleaner
High Strength, UV Flexographic Ink Cleaner

SmartFlex UV Cleaner #8
Mixed Mode, UV/Water-Based Flexographic Ink Cleaner

SmartFlex High Tech Anilox Cleaner
Liquid Anilox Roller Cleaner

SmartFlex UV Wash FX
High Strength UV and Solvent Ink Cleaner

Tower 270 Cleaner Concentrate
Highly Effective Concentrated Cleaner for the Corrugated Industry

Low VOC UV Flexographic Ink Cleaner